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The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

If you are friended with me on goodreads you will notice I did not review this as this book was a birthday gift from my BFF (also on goodreads) and, I really thought it was crappy.  But for those of you who read this stuff, I felt you should be warned....

The goodreads review that never was - 2.5 stars (I'm feeling generous!)

Vampires! How... well, really boring as it turns out.

Eh.  That pretty much says it all.  Had this been a library book, I would have abandoned after a week but as a gift from a good friend (who I suspected thought 'She likes Buffy! She'll love this' (friend does not 'get' Buffy; yes, I know!)) I wanted to read the whole thing so I could say thank you I enjoyed it. 

The good:  Kostova tells a good story.  This very long tome is her angle on the Dracula legend.  She follows a teenage girl and her family (and assorted others) as they look into the Dracula legend and OMG, it's real! and then they have to figure out what to do with it.  Interesting idea.  Boring execution. 

The bad:  It just read to me like sort of B minus fan fiction.  Again, I liked the story and thought - cool! - many times while I was reading it but it took me two months to get through as it was just that boring and on top of that while her pacing is consistent, to me it was just tooooooo slow and her writing was just, well, like B minus fan fiction.  I am actually really surprised this got published.  It reads like something I would have written at age 14 and thought OMG this is so good! and then reread years later and thought, that is so, well, reads like a 14 year old wrote it, so, go me, but thank God I'm not 14 anymore. 

So, I'd give this 2 stars and very much not recommend it.  Do not be lured into the 'it's got vamps!' angle of the book unless you want to waste YOUR entire unlife reading it. Because only if you had unlimited time would it approach being worth it IMO.  For me, I'd prefer to have that time back.  Pretty please?
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