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Admin Post & Poll!

Now that school is over, finals of doom are finished, and my baby sister is happily married and no longer plaguing my life with her wedding, I really want to get this community up and running again.

I'm interested in doing a summer book club in order to encourage community participating. Thus...a book club poll. How many of you are interested in participating in a summer book club? Book club books and book club dates will be decided by you (the community). So, if this is something that enough of you are interested in, I'm willing to push it on the admin side.

Poll #1201585 Book Club?

Would you participate in a community summer book club?


If you answered "yes" to Q1, what kind of timing would work best for you.

A monthly book club, one book per month in June, July, and August.
A bi-montly book club, two books per month, for the months of June, July, and August.
Other (reponse in comments).

I suggest that we read ______ as a part of our book club!

I'm also willing to take any suggestions about how we can 1) increase community participation, and 2) increase our numbers in order to create a more active and vibrant community.

Please leave any suggestions in the comments, and feel free to comment on the suggestions made by others!

Thanks! :D
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