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Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson

Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson

This was a gift from a dear friend in response to my gift to her of Time and Again. If you liked Time and Again, you would likely like this. It takes place in the 70s (like T&A!) and also explores time travel and romance connected thereto.

The writing style is extremely jarring and took me a few pages to adjust to. The writer writes like he's taking notes, and you realize as you go that he is in fact doing that: recording notes into a tape recorder. It's extremely romantic and desperate (a bit too much for me) but the time travel aspect is fun. I was a bit bummed out at the ending but overall the book was a page turner, the characters likable and the pacing good.

3 stars out of 5.
Tags: author: m, fiction, fiction: fantasy / scifi
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